Program SISA 2023

Monday, 14.08.2023

Arrival of participants
18:00 Welcome

Tuesday, 15.08.2023

Rouven Turck, Mirco Brunner, Martin Hinz, Caroline Heitz, Cynthia Marti:

SISA 2018–2022 – Review of past Alpine Summer Schools and major insights

Cynthia Marti, Mirco Brunner, Martin Hinz, Caroline Heitz, Rouven Turck:

Ammertenpass/Engstlingealp – current archaeological investigations

Coffee Break
Jakob Pieren: Some information about a selection of historical sites in and around Adelboden

Brigitte Andres: Alpine huts, livestock and cheese. Remains of summer farming activities from medieval and modern times in the Bernese Alps (Switzerland)

Regula Gubler: The Bernese Alps above 2000 m. Old and new traces of Roman and prehistoric presence Albert Hafner: Schnidejoch and Lötschenpass – Archaeological investigations of ice patches and glaciers Coffee Break
Donat Fulda: Geology of the Adelboden region

Wednesday, 16.08.2023

Christian auf der Mauer: From microliths to cartridges. Alpine Archaeology in the heart of Switzerland (Canton of Uri)

Christoph Schwörer: Using paleoecological tools to reconstruct the impact of human land use in the Alps Coffee break
Fabio Wegmüller: Neanderthals in the mountains. An overview of the Middle Palaeolithic sites in the Alps Ebbe Nielsen: The Palaeolithic in the Steigelfadbalm cave, Mount Rigi (Canton of Lucerne)

Rouven Turck: New evidence of copper mining in the Alps
Jessica Keil: The Alps as a sphere of contact in the Bronze Age. A Tyrolean Perspective Coffee Break
Romano Agola: Methodik Metallprospektion

Thursday, 17.08.2023

Engstligenalp, Ammertepass
– Survey with metal detectors in the Ammertepass area

Friday, 18.08.2023

Engstligenalp, Ammertepass
– Visit of the current excavation (test trenches) at the rock shelter near the Ammertepass – Survey in the region

Saturday, 19.08.2023

Departure of Participants