Preliminary program of SISA 2020 out now

Geoarchaeological and archaeometallurgical investigations into Roman Iron

Sunday, 5th July

Session 1: SISA 2020

Rouven Turck (University of Zurich): Introduction into SISA 2020

Caroline Heitz, Mirco Brunner, Rouven Turck, Philippe Della Casa & Albert Hafner (SISA 2019): Mining Sites & Deserted Alpine Habitations – Results of the SISA 2019 field work in the Binntal (VS)

Session 2: Geology

Donat Fulda (ETHZ, Department of Earth Sciences): Local Geology  

Barbara Beck (University of Lausanne, Faculté des Géosciences et de l’Environnement): Local lead and silver ores

Florence Cattin ( University of Burgundy, ARTEHIS – UMR 6298 and Université de Montréal, Département d’anthropologie): Local copper ores 

Session 3: Archaeometallurgy

Vincent Serneels (University of Fribourg, Department of Geosciences): Iron Smelting

Marianne Senn (Empa, Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology, Dübendorf ): Iron forging

Monday, 6th July

Session 4: Environment

Vanessa Py-Saragaglia (CNRS/Université Toulouse Jean Jaurès – GEODE UMR5602): Long term mining-environment interaction

Albert Hafner (University of Bern, Archaeology): Alpine Climate in prehistory

Session 5: Methods

Philippe Della Casa (University of Zurich): Methods of archaeological field survey

Burkart Ullrich (Berlin, Eastern Atlas): Geophysics in high mountain mining districts 

Martin Hinz (Bern, Archaeology): Agent based modelling / predictive modelling?

Session 6: Local Roman archaeology

Eckhard Deschler-Erb (University of Cologne, Archaeology of the Roman Provinces) The Roman way of life in Vallis Poenina. A comparism between Forum Claudii Vallensium and Brig-Glis, Gamsen

Andrea Schaer (Oberwangen (BE), Archaeokontor GmbH): Roman transport systems in alpine areas

Romain Andenmatten (Sion, DMTE/DMRU Département de la mobilité, du territoire et de l’environnement): Alpine deserte sites

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